How to Install an Electric Tub for your Home Safely

Hot tubs today come in different varieties. Gone are the days when it is simply a tub filled with water, which can easily be placed inside your bathroom without needing the help of an electrician. Electrical tubs could be a great asset to your home, but since water is a good conductor of electricity, we should always take proper safety precautions during installation.


Fixing the electrical connections and wiring of a hot tub is highly dangerous due to water. There are risks of receiving serious injury, and even death from electrocution. It is strongly recommended to refer this kind of task to a licensed electrician on your local area. It is also advisable to check and follow your local code requirements for wiring, as practices may be different from your area. Regardless of who will do the task, it is important to read carefully read and understand the user-manual to prevent the warranty to become void.

Now let us start knowing the safety things you need to remember with tubs.

  1. If your tub requires 50amps and up, make sure that you don’t have a hair blower and other electric equipments with the same line the tub is using. This may trip the electrical line and cause fire in your home.
  2. You should make sure that the outlet is far from the tub because it could cause damage in case of leaks.
  3. Do not forget to label the output of the outlet in order to avoid mistakes especially when you are changing to a new tub.
  4. If you are using a transformer or an auto volt regulator, you should make sure that it is operating before using the tub. This will prevent permanent damage to the tub.

Hiring an electrician is a good move if you want to install a hot tub. However, hiring one will be based on how complicated the task is. Do you hire someone just to plug your television? Of course not! But if you want to save yourself from major electrical wiring jobs, it is advisable to choose a portable hot tub than a fixed one. And to ensure the quality of the product, it is best to purchase from credible resellers on your local area. You can also purchase from the web, and a good example of a reputable hot tub reseller on the internet is “choose hot tubs direct”.

Before applying DIY electrical wiring jobs, you should question yourself if you can really do it properly. There are problems that may require the help of electricians, especially if you don’t have enough skills to do the job. Faulty electrical jobs on a hot tub can lead to fire hazards and even the risk of being electrocuted. This is the reason why it is highly advisable to hire a professional electrician to do the task. You can search online for a contractor, and easily know their credibility by reading online reviews about their company, as well as all of their experiences in the field. Other means of hiring a professional contractor is by asking friends or relatives for recommendations.